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We are waiting Syrian Entrepreneurs at Needs&Leads Stage at 19th April!


You can register from the link to listen, provide feedback and support Syrian entrepreneurs.

What is Needs & Leads?

Needs & Leads is a two-sided learning program that aims to bring together young entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate employees.

Who can apply?

  • -All young entrepreneurs who already have an idea or who have come to a certain stage at their startup may apply 
    -The program also includes young Syrian enterpreneurs.
    -Sessions will be designed in Turkish and in English.

Needs Analysis and Pitching Training
30 January 2018 (09:00-17:00)

Impact Hub Istanbul


Needs&Leads 1st Meeting
15 February 2018

Needs&Leads 2st Meeting
21 March 2018


Needs&Leads 3st Meeting - Meeting with Syrian Entrepreneurs
19 April 2018

8 May 2018

What does the program include

Need Analysis and Pitching Training

The program will include two workshop studies that will help primarily young entrepreneurs determine their needs. In one of the workshops, young entrepreneurs will learn to do needs analysis. In the second workshop, they will get tips of how to present their needs effectively in 3 minutes.

Needs and Leads Sessions

In these sessions, young entrepreneurs will present their needs on stage in 3 minutes and will be able to match experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate company employees. The mentors among the audience will be able to support the young entrepreneurs by removing their hands. These sessions will be the beginning of a mutual learning process.

3 Needs & Leads sessions will be organized where different young entrepreneurs can take part.